welcome, to simple box construction ::: news on the upcoming projects and releases

::: welcome to simple box construction. this is the official launch of simpleboxconstruction.com as a site. for now and into the foreseeable future this blogger page is the official site. here is where you can find most recent news on the latest a death cinematic releases and related projects in progress. as well as any information about past releases and events. here is also where you can purchase any and all the related merchandise. look to the right and you'll find the tiny simple box construction shop. this is quite a busy time for a death cinematic and simple box construction. production on several new visual and audio projects is in full swing. in the coming months there will be a lot going on and coming out. a death cinematic is about to start recording new material for several split releases and exclusive compilation tracks. simple box construction is fabricating some new editions and covers, information and photos on these is below in this post. a death cinematic has done a couple of interviews with hammer smashed sound (you can read it here) and slow burn webzine (will be posted shortly). any day now the split with a death cinematic and hemingway should be out on dead accent records. also, in the very near future simple box construction will have a mailing list, more details on that coming soon.

::: in the entries below you will find information on all the past releases, availability, and a death cinematic and simple box construction involvements.

::: so to celebrate the official site grand opening here is some information and photos of works in progress, about upcoming a death cinematic releases.

::: thank you, enjoy, and welcome! :::
::: a death cinematic :::

::: SBC - 006 is shaping up to be a book of hand transferred and manipulated images taken by a death cinematic titled DEAD CITIES TELL TALES. it is a suite of 8 images that will be hand printed in a hand bound book with veneer covers. the book will be divided into 8 "chapters", each "chapter" will be a photograph. the title of each chapter will be typed on an old manual type writer. this book will be strictly limited to 17 copies with only 15 available for sale. images of the work in progress and the actual book will be available shortly. this release should be available in mid september.

::: SBC - 008 is a set of five art cards that accompany a poem written by a death cinematic titled NO HOPE, PROGRESS. housed in a hand made and printed paper sleeve, the art cards are made from laminated paper and alder veneer. all images were taken and manipulated by a death cinematic. the front of the cards are printed in full color on old manila folders and the backs are printed by hand on veneer. printed on the back, the poem is divided between the five cards accompanied by a small block printed red cross. limited to 12 sets with only 10 available for sale, this release should be available sometime in august.

::: SBC - 009 marks a split release with a death cinematic and sons of alpha centauri (myspace). simple box construction has the honor of designing and fabricating the cover for this split release. the cover images are by a death cinematic. printed by hand in full color on a gatefold sleeve made from chipboard and ropey cherry veneer. this release will be limited to 70 copies and will include postcards printed by sons of alpha century. one postcard designed by each artist. scheduled for release sometime in september. more details available soon.

::: SBC - 010 a small collection of 5 photos housed in a hand made ebony box. no title as of yet and more specific details will be available shortly. limited to an edition of 12 sets with only 10 sets available for sale.

::: upcoming later in the year more split releases, exclusive tracks for compilations, new t shirt designs, hand bound books, and other visual projects.