SBC - 021 ::: beneath that grand usurper (t shirt) pre order and spring 2014 update.

::: another official A DEATH CINEMATIC t shirt from simple box construction, BENEATH THAT GRAND USURPER (SBC - 021). design and artwork by simple box construction. the drawing/ image is part of the artwork for the next A DEATH CINEMATIC full length album due out later this year. this shirt will be a limited run. it will be professionally printed with the help of sage from heathen harvest. this pre order is to help raise funds for the t shirt run, which will start in a couple of weeks, and the next album. thank you for the support. order from the simple box construction online store. when ordering the shirt please specify in customer notes the size you need. sizes available are S, M, L, and XL

::: in other news. the next album is moving into production again. there was an unexpected hiatus that slowed down the process. the reasons and conditions for it are myriad and quite boring, the important thing is that it is moving again. production images will be posted in their usual on line places. the next step is building a prototype and working out all the design details. in addition to this, mastering of new sounds is also taking place. this includes tracks for the new album and some tracks for compilations and zines. and finally while working on the new album and some new visual art pieces simple box construction has also been updating/ upgrading the a death cinematic sound rig in anticipation of playing out live more. i've built a third pedal board case to match the other two and printed the lid with the new t shirt design image.