simple box construction ::: new year update

::: a long over due update for the new year. let us begin with the progress on the studio. it is done and the move is almost complete. now all that remains is the daunting task of unpacking and organizing everything. below are some images of the new space, the first of which is the door to the studio. thank you vinyl cutters.

::: before the move in :::

::: partially moved in :::

::: now for the rest. since the myspace meltdown is forcing artists to leave the site, there will be a new a death cinematic website coming soon. it will be the place where you can get all the updates, order any new releases, preview new music and even get in contact. so keep your eyes and ears peeled.
::: also, simple box construction from now on will only be using tayio yuden cdrs for its releases. these seem to be the best that are available and since all the releases will be limited to 200 copies or less, it only makes sense to put them on the best cdrs out there.

::: there are still two copies available of the full sized book, PRELUDE TO THE NEW WORLD and the drawing, THOU ART THE HOPES SLAIN BY THE HANDS OF OUR ENTERPRISE. (SBC - 013) see info below. as well as some copies of A PARABLE ON THE APORIA OF VENGEANCE AND THE BEAUTY OF IMPENETRABLE SADNESS.

::: there are several new online compilations coming out that have some new a death cinematic tracks featured on them. i believe all of them are available as free downloads and should be available in the next few days. since the hss compilation fell through the a death cinematic track, MY HEART IS A BURNING SILO, the poem and image are now going to be on the dreamland recordings compilation. it looks like it is going to be a really good one.
::: there are also two compilations coming out of chile which include two tracks from the new a death cinematic album, THE NEW WORLD. the first track from the album, WHEN THE SUN SETTLES INTO THE HORIZON, WE REMEMBER OUR RIVERS, will be available from funerart. the second track, MOUNTAINS CHOKED WITH SMOKE, RELEASE THE TREES DOWN THEIR HILLSIDES, will be from sirs. all the links will be provided as soon as i have them.

::: now for the new releases. a death cinematic and ekca liena have completed a split called PRETERNATURAL and it is slated to be out soon on small doses records. 7 tracks total with an hour worth of brand new music. the first 3 tracks are by ekca liena and the final 4 tracks are by a death cinematic. the artwork is being finalized and this should be out real soon.
::: the split with great falls on dead accents is finally coming to completion. after 3 long years it is slated to come out mid february.
::: the YOUR FATE TWISTING, EPIC IN ITS CRUSHING MOMENTS single will no longer be out on lo-bango sound. instead simple box construction will be putting it out in a limited edition of 50 with a bonus full version of IN THE TUMBLING DAWN LIGHT, THEIR EYES FALL FROZEN THROUGH THE MIST AND RAIN. the artwork is almost done, it will include a hand made covers and all the trimmings. more details coming real soon.
::: THE NEW WORLD and the small hand bound book, PRELUDE TO THE NEW WORLD is moving into full production mode. the album is mastered, sequenced and ready to be burned. the artwork is in development and this release should be available shortly. a more definite date will be given as we get closer to completing the fabrication of the covers. there might also be a video accompanying the title track for the album.

::: for all the other visual projects. they are still on hold but will be done this year. now that the studio is finished and almost completely set up it is only a matter of time. thank you for reading and all your support. stay tuned for further developments.