cooper cult ::: a death cinematic - witness the conflagrations... (vinyl 7")

::: CC007 - cooper cult records presents the a death cinematic WITNESS THE CONFLAGRATIONS OF THESE, THE LAST DAYS 7". released by cooper cult records, out of new zealand, in a very small and limited edition features a single a death cinematic track in two parts with poem. lathe cut on clear vinyl, the 7" comes in a printed white sleeve featuring the artwork and layout by russian artist, anya kuts. you can check out more of her work here. stream this very limited 7" on the a death cinematic bancamp page.

witness the conflagrations
of these, the last days
when fire came from
the sky and the ash
looked like the first snow
of our last winter

in the distant baying
the cries of confusion,
chaos, pandemonium

yet you stood still on a hilltop
at peace, serene, easy
aglow in the fires’ light
saying farewell to this
and that madness

this item no longer available.