SBC - 013 ::: prelude to the new world (book)

::: SBC - 013 simple box construction presents a book of photos by a death cinematic titled, PRELUDE TO THE NEW WOLRD. this book is a large format version of the book that will accompany the forthcoming a death cinematic album, THE NEW WORLD. this is a collection of 22 black and white photos comprised to represent the themes of the new album. a small hand numbered and very limited edition of 8, with only 7 available to the public, is an effort to raise funds to put out the new album. in this version and edition each book includes a drawing titled THOU ART THE HOPES SLAIN BY THE HANDS OF OUR ENTERPRISE (pictured below) that is housed in a small handmade and hand printed paper pouch in the back of the book.

::: the book is professionally printed and bound in a soft full color cover and is 7" x 9". each book includes a small drawing and each drawing is of the same subject matter. the drawing measures 6" x 7 1/2" and is drawn on an old painting. each drawing is unique and made with a variety of materials. some detailed production photos can be viewed here.

::: because of the nature of each drawing there are small differences between the 8 drawings. preference will be first come first serve. pictured below are all the drawings with their corresponding edition number. those who order first will have first choice in what drawing they prefer. i will try and keep the availability of each book and drawing updated here but those who order should list preferences in descending order. an email will be sent to each buyer letting them know what number they received.

number 1 - SOLD

number 2 - SOLD

number 3 - SOLD

number 4 - SOLD

number 5 - SOLD

number 6 - SOLD

number 7 - SOLD

number 8 - SOLD

no longer available form simple box construction.

simple box construction ::: hq update

::: a quick update on the building progress of the simple box construction headquarters. drywall is next, some paint then the big move.


simple box construction/ a death cinematic ::: recent activity ::: summer 2010

::: here is the long overdue update for simple box construction and a death cinematic. there are a lot of things happening and hopefully soon some of these projects will be completed. first is the construction of the studio. the framing is done and the insulation and drywall will start going up as soon as the electrician finishes running the wires. below are a few photos of the progress.

::: here is a breakdown of all the current projects form simple box construction and their status. :::

::: SBC - 006 a hand bound book of images by a death cinematic entitled DEAD CITIES TELL TALES is ON HOLD.

::: SBC - 008 a set of 5 art cards with poem entitled NO HOPE, PROGRESS is ON HOLD.

::: SBC - 010 a set of five small photos in hand made box with poem as of yet untitled is ON HOLD.

::: SBC - 011 the new a death cinematic full length featuring matt finney entitled THE NEW WORLD has been expanded to six tracks and is being mastered. the cover is being designed and soon will be going to fabrication.

::: SBC - 012 a small hand bound book that will accompany THE NEW WORLD is entitled PRELUDE TO THE NEW WORLD is in the final stages of being laid out. it contains 22 photographs by a death cinematic and it will include a hand stamped image of a drawing. below is a sketch of the drawing and artwork for the custom stamp fabrication of a white mare shot through with an arrow.

::: SBC - 013 this is a professionally printed larger format of the book PRELUDE TO THE NEW WORLD. there are only 7 available. the book is approximately 7" x 9" and it includes all the same images that will be in the book that will accompany the cd. it does NOT feature the hand stamped image. instead each book will come with a drawing of the white mare shot through with an arrow. sketches for the drawing and the book are pictured below. each drawing is drawn on a small piece of an old painting on paper measuring 6" x 7 1/2". this small edition was conceived in order to raise some funds for the next a death cinematic release. once all the drawings are done this book will be available through the simple box construction shop on this site. i cannot accept trades for this release. check back for ordering info or it you wish to reserve a copy.

the book

the drawing surface preparation and sketches

::: SBC - 014 an art card that will include a professionally printed photograph taken by a death cinematic. this will be offered with the first 50 purchased copies of THE NEW WORLD. more details coming soon.

::: finally, the releases and compilations coming out on other labels should have posted release dates soon. these include the YOUR FATE TWISTING, EPIC IN ITS CRUSHING MOMENTS single from lo-bango sound; the a death cinematic/ great falls split form dead accents records; and the hss compilation. there are also some collaborations and splits on the horizon. more details on those will be available as they get closer to being completed. as always, thank you for your patience. take care and stay well.


now available form the simple box construction shop

::: simple box construction now has two copies of the der wanderer über dem nebelmeer compilation available for sale. the copies available here will only be shipped to the u.s. and canada. rest of the world orders should contact pest productions. the compilation is a 2 CD set with a beautiful full-color booklet featuring a statement from every artist regarding their respective song. curated and conceptualized by niels, the man behind n./ depraved designs and sequences, this compilation features 25 artists and 25 exclusive tracks from each artist including the a death cinematic track: IN THE TUMBLING DAWN LIGHT, THEIR EYES FALL FROZEN THROUGH THE MIST AND RAIN. "the objective of the compilation is to pay tribute to the painting and the painter, and also to honor the wandering, pantheistic spirit within each of us. - to the feeling of being one with nature and returning to those wild, untamed places that lie within each of us." - n. this is not a simple box construction release. go here for other info.

::: many thanks to niels for including a death cinematic amongst such venerated company. it has been an honor.

lights blaze on distant horizons in failed halos
circling like vultures
in the tumbling dawn light,
their eyes fall frozen through the mist and rain
i await the obscurities rising out of the fog
a man at the gallows
a man at the gates of the abyss

no longer available from simple box construction.


simple box construction/ a death cinematic ::: recent activity ::: winter/ spring 2010

::: simple box construction is moving! from the attic to the basement. the past couple of months have been rather difficult and this update is long over due. the simple box construction workshop and hq is relocating to a new space (pictured below) which has to be finished. as the preparations of the space and the move are underway all projects for SBC have been temporarily put on hold. nonetheless, there has been a lot of activity on new releases and existing projects and by the end of spring simple box construction will, hopefully, be in full production mode.

::: SBC - 009 the split with sons of alpha centauri has been getting some decent reviews and has sold really well. simple box construction has no copies left and the sons have only a handful. if you are looking for a copy better contact them fast here.

::: SBC - 006, SBC - 008, and SBC - 010 are all on hold due to the move and construction mentioned above. i apologize for the delay and hope to have them all available toward the end of spring, beginning of summer.

::: work has begun on the new a death cinematic full length SBC - 011, titled THE NEW WORLD. this album has grown from a small collaborative single to a full album which will include a small hand bound book of photographs SBC - 012, titled PRELUDE TO THE NEW WORLD. the album spans five tracks and over 40 minuets. the first four tracks are a prelude to the title track which features matt finney of finneyerkes reading a story he has written. more details to come soon.

::: a death cinematic/ great falls split is still coming soon. the hss and the der wanderer über dem nebelmeer compilations which feature exclusive tracks by a death cinematic will be out shortly. there are a couple of interviews coming soon as well and new collaborative and split releases. it looks to be another busy year here at simple box construction. thank you for reading. stay well and take care.