SBC - 022 ::: deadmen - 2 poems by: a death cinematic (book)

::: SBC - 022 DEADMEN - 2 POEMS BY: A DEATH CINEMATIC. after many delays and very long production time this book is finally officially released. it was originally available with the BENEATH THAT GRAND USURPER t shirt preorder. this is a limited edition of 24 handmade books with 28 original images and 2 poems by A DEATH CINEMATIC. what was a simple idea soon became a monumental labor of love. each image and word is hand printed in the front half of a modified moleskine 3"x5" notebook. the pages of the second half are laminated together and inset with a dried flower on powdered graphite. more detail and production images can be viewed in the simple box construction album for this release on facebook.

::: to make a single copy of this book each cover and page was cut by hand with a die cutter. each cover and title page was hand stamped. the title of the book was die stamped one letter at a time on the cover and title page. the back cover was hand stamped. each word and image was registered and hand printed on every page. to do all this with some consistency several jigs had to be created and tested for these processes. to make the back of the book all the pages had to be aligned and laminated together also by hand. the square opening was then masked off and filled with powdered graphite and polyurethane and then more graphite and more polyurethane. finally a dried flower was selected and carefully inset into the graphite. then each book was inspected sanded and cleaned. all art work, photos, design and layout by simple box construction/ a death cinematic.

this item is no longer available.

::: and this is the old promo video i made for the book :::