simple box construction ::: mid fall update

::: a lot has been happening around here. several a death cinematic releases are now available (see the rundown below). some form simple box construction, some from the labels and simple box and some only from the other labels.

::: a lot of progress has been made on THE NEW WORLD cover and PRELUDE TO THE NEW WORLD book fabrication. it should be out shortly and there is still time to pre order it. to all those that have done so already, thank you. see below some photos of the progress the rest can be seen here.

::: in addition to all the new releases, cover fabrication, and book binding a death cinematic has been recording a lot of new material. the next full length is starting to germinate as well as some other possible releases. more on those at a later time.

::: there is also a write up on the YOUR FATE TWISTING, EPIC IN ITS CRUSHING MOMENTS ep in the german metal hammer magazine. this might very well be the first print review of an a death cinematic release. for all archived and recent reviews please go here.

a death cinematic releases currently available

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available from simple
box construction and
dead accents

available from
small doses

available only
simple box construction


dead accents ::: a death cinematic/ great falls split (cdr)

::: DA - 007 dead accents presents the a death cinematic/ great falls split. this split has been a long time in the making. ever since great falls was called hemingway in fact but this excellent 3 song epic release is finally seeing the light of day. two tracks from the elusive a death cinematic made up of beautiful guitar drones and improvisations. these tracks conjure a sprawling soundscape that is unique and focused. the great falls track is all destruction. guitar, bass and drums plow through while ajax storm wood, of ardent vein, adds a cacophony of vocal and noise obliteration. edition of 127. printed digi packs. preview the a death cinematic portion here.

::: the cover consists of a professionally color printed digi pack. layout, design and illustrations by demian johnston. photography by simple box construction/ a death cinematic. for reviews of this release please go here. my sincerest thanks to demian and dead accent records for working with me on this album.

::: simple box construction only has fifty copies available for sale. it is also available from dead accents big cartel shop.

available in limited quantities from dead accents records.