SBC - 009 ::: update

::: SBC - 009 the sons of alpha centauri/ a death cinematic split is unfortunately delayed again. although there has been a lot of progress made, the covers are taking forever since they are almost entirely handmade. the plan is to have this thing out by no later then the middle of january. everything is done except for the covers. the biggest change is that now the split is an edition of 80 with only 60 available for sale. half (30) will be available from sons of alpha centauri and the other half will be available from here, simple box construction. this release has truly become a collaboration with sons of alpha centauri and simple box construction splitting different responsibilities of the manufacturing and production aspects. complete details on this release will be available soon.

::: thank you all for your patience and support.

track and artwork for hss compilation

::: the brand new a death cinematic track, MY HEART IS A BURNING SILO has been submitted to hammer smashed sound for their upcoming compilation. it is accompanied by a short poem and image. keep checking in for more info on this outstanding compilation. it has one hell of a line up. promise.

my heart is a burning silo
now the grains of these days
churn to
tar and
clouds spill gasoline upon
the remains of
our cities
and from here it looks
like strange dinosaurs
on fire
in the hissing heat

::: the image will eventually be a short run t shirt design printed and available from simple box construction.


SBC ::: artwork


::: a new piece made of wood, shellac, ink, photocopies, and wood stain. on display and for sale here at a local gallery.


now available from the simple box construction shop

::: simple box construction now has four copies of the postrock community compilation available for sale. the first ever postrock community compilation, bringing you new unreleased tracks as well as fan favourites on one disc. beautifully packaged 11 tracks by 11 artists showcasing some of the best in underground music. this compilation features the a death cinematic track: THE HEART RACES WITH BLACK WORMS AND MY BLOOD IS ON FIRE from the full length a death cinematic release: A PARABLE ON THE APORIA OF VENGEANCE AND THE BEAUTY OF IMPENETRABLE SADNESS. this is not a simple box construction release. go here for other info.

::: many thanks to the postrock community guys for letting me be a part of this.

no longer available from simple box construction


simple box construction/ a death cinematic ::: recent activity

::: there is quite a few things going on. so here is the scoop on the recent activity at simple box construction and a death cinematic.

::: if you head over to hammer smashed sound blog you will have a chance to win a copy of the latest a death cinematic full length, A PARABLE ON THE APORIA OF VENGEANCE AND THE BEAUTY OF IMPENETRABLE SADNESS and the very last copy of the YOU HAVE BEEN MARKED FOR THE APOCALYPSE book of images by a death cinematic. more information on the cd here and the book here. i found the book and other past releases while cleaning and decided to offer it as a hsj contest. good luck.

::: the pocket change records sampler is no longer available from simple box construction. if you desire a copy i recommend going to pocket change records to see if they have any left.

::: in other sampler news. postrock community has put out a compilation which includes some of the finest underground post rock and drone music out there. it is an honor for a death cinematic to be included in such fine company. the a death cinematic track on the compilation is titled THE HEART RACES WITH BLACK WORMS AND MY HEART IS ON FIRE and it is from A PARABLE ON THE APORIA OF VENGEANCE AND THE BEAUTY OF IMPENETRABLE SADNESS. the compilation is available as a free download and as a very limited cd release. simple box construction will have a handful of the cds for sale in a few weeks. you can view all the images of the packaging and artwork here and read more info, including the track list on their blog and last fm.

::: SBC - 008 AND SBC - 009 are coming along nicely however they are delayed. they will be available as soon as possible. you can view some new images of the works in progress here and here.

::: the track for the hammer smashed sound compilation is about to be mastered. it is titled MY HEART IS A BURNING SILO and it is just under six minutes long. there is a short poem and an image that accompanies the track. in the near future the image will be printed as a t shirt.

::: also look for an a death cinematic interview with sonic frontiers coming soon. plus other artwork, compilations and more music.

::: thank you.


SBC - 009 ::: sons of alpha centauri/ a death cinematic coming soon banner

::: excerpts from the two a death cinematic tracks are currently being featured on the myspace player here. these are short four minute excerpts from much longer tracks. together the two tracks are nearly a half hour. the titles are: WE BRAVE THE STORMS WHILE OUR LANDS FALL INTO THE SEA BENEATH THE PANDEMONIUM OF THE SUN... and ...AND THESE NIGHTS HAVE BROUGHT US SOMETHING WORSE. to preview the sons of alpha centauri tracks keep checking their myspace they should be up soon. more info and release date coming soon.


a death cinematic on upcoming compilations

::: a death cinematic has been very busy recording a lot of new noises, drones, and melodies. some of which will be included on some new compilations:

::: postrock community is coming out with a compilation which will be available for sale here shortly. only a few copies will be available from simple box construction store. it includes an older a death cinematic track from the A PARABLE.... full length. you can view the cover here and you can check out postrock community on myspace.

::: der wanderer ├╝ber dem nebelmeer (v.a. compilation) a great line up here. includes an exclusive track from a death cinematic. should be available in october on cd. purchasing info coming soon.

::: hammer smashed sound another great line up. also includes an exclusive track from a death cinematic. not sure when this will be out but it will be on several cds with a printed and bound book. check the link for details. purchasing info coming soon.

::: doom metal union is getting ready to put out several volumes of compilations as free downloads. a death cinematic will have a track from A PARABLE... on one of them. download info and links coming soon on a death cinematic's myspace site.

::: there are several other compilations that will include some new a death cinematic tracks but they are a little ways away still.

::: in addition there are some new images up on the myspace albums of production progress and other artwork.


SBC - 008 and SBC - 009 ::: update

::: a small progress update on two of the forthcoming releases. to view other images please go here.

::: SBC - 008 the art card set for the poem NO HOPE, PROGRESS is coming along nicely. there are still a few details to work out. however the reverse side of each card will be partially manipulated by hand which means that there will be no two sets that are exactly alike. i will be trying to use fire/ heat as a drawing tool should be abstract but interesting. this release should be available shortly.

::: SBC - 009 the split with the sons of alpha centauri is also shaping up very well. all the music is done. close to an hour of post apocalyptic ambiance and reverie. four tracks by the sons and two by a death cinematic. the covers are moving along nicely as well and everything should be ready for a release date by the end of september. each cd will come with two postcards, one by each artist.

::: the a death cinematic postcard to accompany the sons of alpha centauri / a death cinematic split.


welcome, to simple box construction ::: news on the upcoming projects and releases

::: welcome to simple box construction. this is the official launch of simpleboxconstruction.com as a site. for now and into the foreseeable future this blogger page is the official site. here is where you can find most recent news on the latest a death cinematic releases and related projects in progress. as well as any information about past releases and events. here is also where you can purchase any and all the related merchandise. look to the right and you'll find the tiny simple box construction shop. this is quite a busy time for a death cinematic and simple box construction. production on several new visual and audio projects is in full swing. in the coming months there will be a lot going on and coming out. a death cinematic is about to start recording new material for several split releases and exclusive compilation tracks. simple box construction is fabricating some new editions and covers, information and photos on these is below in this post. a death cinematic has done a couple of interviews with hammer smashed sound (you can read it here) and slow burn webzine (will be posted shortly). any day now the split with a death cinematic and hemingway should be out on dead accent records. also, in the very near future simple box construction will have a mailing list, more details on that coming soon.

::: in the entries below you will find information on all the past releases, availability, and a death cinematic and simple box construction involvements.

::: so to celebrate the official site grand opening here is some information and photos of works in progress, about upcoming a death cinematic releases.

::: thank you, enjoy, and welcome! :::
::: a death cinematic :::

::: SBC - 006 is shaping up to be a book of hand transferred and manipulated images taken by a death cinematic titled DEAD CITIES TELL TALES. it is a suite of 8 images that will be hand printed in a hand bound book with veneer covers. the book will be divided into 8 "chapters", each "chapter" will be a photograph. the title of each chapter will be typed on an old manual type writer. this book will be strictly limited to 17 copies with only 15 available for sale. images of the work in progress and the actual book will be available shortly. this release should be available in mid september.

::: SBC - 008 is a set of five art cards that accompany a poem written by a death cinematic titled NO HOPE, PROGRESS. housed in a hand made and printed paper sleeve, the art cards are made from laminated paper and alder veneer. all images were taken and manipulated by a death cinematic. the front of the cards are printed in full color on old manila folders and the backs are printed by hand on veneer. printed on the back, the poem is divided between the five cards accompanied by a small block printed red cross. limited to 12 sets with only 10 available for sale, this release should be available sometime in august.

::: SBC - 009 marks a split release with a death cinematic and sons of alpha centauri (myspace). simple box construction has the honor of designing and fabricating the cover for this split release. the cover images are by a death cinematic. printed by hand in full color on a gatefold sleeve made from chipboard and ropey cherry veneer. this release will be limited to 70 copies and will include postcards printed by sons of alpha century. one postcard designed by each artist. scheduled for release sometime in september. more details available soon.

::: SBC - 010 a small collection of 5 photos housed in a hand made ebony box. no title as of yet and more specific details will be available shortly. limited to an edition of 12 sets with only 10 sets available for sale.

::: upcoming later in the year more split releases, exclusive tracks for compilations, new t shirt designs, hand bound books, and other visual projects.


SBC - 007 ::: a parable on the aporia of vengeance and the beauty of impenetrable sadness (2 pro-cdr)

::: SBC - 007 after many delays and design adjustments the 2 disc a death cinematic full length titled A PARABLE ON THE APORIA OF VENGEANCE AND THE BEAUTY OF IMPENETRABLE SADNESS is finally available. the two cdrs are professionally duplicated, printed, and uv and water resistant coated. to date this is the most elaborate hand fabricated packaging and the largest edition that simple box construction has done. limited to an edition of 250 copies with 50 promotional copies. for reviews of this release please go here.

::: the cover consists of a chipboard "arigato" box that includes hand heat transfered images and a hand printed lino cut print. the inside and part of the outside text is hand printed xerox transfer with a small hand stamped "X". the outside of the box is sprayed with an acrylic coating. inside the cardboard box is a hand built gatefold made out of two envelopes and western red cedar veneer. the envelopes are hand stamped with song titles and the veneer is hand printed color xerox transfer. more detail images can be viewed in the simple box construction album for this release.

available in limited hand numbered quantities.


SBC - 005 ::: you have been marked for the apocalypse (book)

::: SBC - 005 the fifth project from simple box construction is a small hand bound book. it contains eight images selected and photographed by a death cinematic. edition of 28 with only 25 available to the public.

::: the cover of the book is made out of a heavy butchers paper with a computer printed image and a hand stamped "X". it measures 8" x 6". the binding is hand stitched. more detail images can be viewed in the simple box construction album for this release.

this item is no longer available.