simple box construction/ a death cinematic ::: recent activity ::: winter/ spring 2010

::: simple box construction is moving! from the attic to the basement. the past couple of months have been rather difficult and this update is long over due. the simple box construction workshop and hq is relocating to a new space (pictured below) which has to be finished. as the preparations of the space and the move are underway all projects for SBC have been temporarily put on hold. nonetheless, there has been a lot of activity on new releases and existing projects and by the end of spring simple box construction will, hopefully, be in full production mode.

::: SBC - 009 the split with sons of alpha centauri has been getting some decent reviews and has sold really well. simple box construction has no copies left and the sons have only a handful. if you are looking for a copy better contact them fast here.

::: SBC - 006, SBC - 008, and SBC - 010 are all on hold due to the move and construction mentioned above. i apologize for the delay and hope to have them all available toward the end of spring, beginning of summer.

::: work has begun on the new a death cinematic full length SBC - 011, titled THE NEW WORLD. this album has grown from a small collaborative single to a full album which will include a small hand bound book of photographs SBC - 012, titled PRELUDE TO THE NEW WORLD. the album spans five tracks and over 40 minuets. the first four tracks are a prelude to the title track which features matt finney of finneyerkes reading a story he has written. more details to come soon.

::: a death cinematic/ great falls split is still coming soon. the hss and the der wanderer ├╝ber dem nebelmeer compilations which feature exclusive tracks by a death cinematic will be out shortly. there are a couple of interviews coming soon as well and new collaborative and split releases. it looks to be another busy year here at simple box construction. thank you for reading. stay well and take care.