simple box construction ::: spring update & ep pre order

::: things here at simple box have been moving slowly but steadily. several things are nearing completion and one is ready for pre order. in addition to the releases mentioned below, a death cinematic has been preparing for the first ever live show, which has yet to be scheduled and writing/ posting things at SLUMBERING IN THE FIRES.

::: coming very soon from small doses records is PRETERNATURAL the ekca liena/ a death cinematic split. the artwork has been finalized and is being sent off to the printers. laid out and designed by dan (ecka liena), the artwork includes a photo by each artist and a drawing contributed by simple box construction. this release will be limited to only 96 copies on high quality cdr.

::: also coming very soon on dead accents is the long delayed and highly anticipated a death cinematic/ great falls split. the artwork is ready for the printers and includes layout, design and drwaings by demian johnston (great falls, dead accents) and photography by simple box construction.

::: work has been ongoing for THE NEW WORLD cd and PRELUDE TO THE NEW WORLD small format book. the pre orders for this release will be up shortly.

::: ready for pre order is the YOUR FATE TWISTING, EPIC IN ITS CRUSHING MOMENTS ep. limited edition of 50 high quality printed cdr. it includes the full version of IN THE TUMBLING DAWN LIGHT, THEIR EYES FALL FROZEN THROUGH THE MIST AND RAIN. nearly a half our of music spanning over two tracks. all artwork, design and layout by simple box construction. each hand made cover consists of a hand printed chipboard sleeve with a hand punched window, a high quality premium photo print of the gallow drawing framed in red gum veneer. below are the mock ups of the cover and the drawing. there will be small adjustments and refinements to the final version. a pre order will ensure this release will be mailed out well in advance of the release date.