SBC - 025 ::: footpaths - book of photos (book)

::: SBC - 025 FOOTPATHS - BOOK OF PHOTOS is a rare commissioned micro edition for the footpaths project. it is a small format hand bound book of photographs by jon rosenthal. limited to only 6 copies, each book consists of 18 original color photographs. the layout, design, all photo editing, and printing was done by simple box construction. all the components of the book were cut, scored, folded, and assembled by hand. more detail and production images can be viewed in the simple box construction album for this release on facebook.

::: the pages of the book are double sided and printed on 100% acid free charcoal paper. the endpapers and flyleaves are japanese sumi e ink paper. a simple stitch binding with 'invisible' thread was used to join the pages. the cover is made of custom sized german etching paper, printed and folded over to create a secondary cover inside the book.

::: a short preview video the prototype footpaths book.