simple box construction ::: update spring 2014 + pcca art exhibition

::: so it is upon us again. time for another simple box update. since the left hand injury this morning this has to be typed single handedly. hopefully the recovery will be swift and without complication.

::: 2014 started off extremely busy for simple box and a death cinematic and it seems like this pace is just going to continue. there was the release of the THE NIGHT OF OUR SORROW HAS FALLEN... ep along with the screened shirt. there was an exhibition of all visual art at the beginning of march (more on that below). work on the new album has been ongoing and continuos. hopefully it will be ready by early august. work has also begun on other small editions of photo books, splits and collaborative tracks, recordings, reconfiguration the effects rig and board, and other artworks and surprises that will be revealed as the time comes. this spring and summer a death cinematic will be attempting to do more live performances with a confirmed appearance at the FREAK festival in august outside of columbus, ohio. you can get tickets here.

::: since there is only a week left for the exhibition at the pcca i thought it was high time to write about and show the work contributed by simple box construction. the weeks leading up to the show were, at once, exhilarating and terrifying. it has been more than a decade since i have shown work of this nature. going back to this methodology presented a challenge and a shift of the creative gears. traversing the tumult of of the emotional upheaval certain things started to become very clear. first i have realized that this type of visual art is very much part and parcel of the contextual construct i have attempted to build and maintain with the a death cinematic and simple box construction output. all of this is part of a grander vision and in order to get the broadest scope of this idea/ vision all works are necessary. the writing, the sound, the packaging, and now these singular pieces of visual art work together to illuminate the context for the world reflected through the previous a death cinematic releases.

::: the second realization was that the thought that where i started out and would continue to create from; at the edge of an abyss, peering over the precipice and curiously inching ever closer, was no longer the case. i am now fully engulfed in this abyss and all the work are dispatches from here. it is my search and meticulous construction of a world reflected and parallel to the one i/ we inhabit. now the challenge becomes a way to showcase and make this work available in a coherent and cohesive way. below you can view images of the pieces in the show with titles and brief descriptions in an attempt to broaden the view. the show closes on april 4th. thank you for reading, your interest, and support. till the next post, enjoy.

the pining rain
and the hot
tar roofs

::: a charcoal and conte crayon drawing in a singed pine box under smoked glass. :::

now we build
towers for our
wilting hearts

::: japanese lantern suspended in singed wooden box. lined with a drawing and filled with earth and wood. :::

how we loved
the yearning
of the views

::: photo embedded in cast polyurethane and epoxy with painted wood. :::

...and from
the earth
into the
of the
extinct sky

::: monotype and intaglio print stitched to black cardboard in a bleached aspen box/frame. :::

the gift
of the six
golden kings
grows into
our empty

:::a seed pod embedded in cast polyurethane in a cardboard box mounted in a douglas fir box and birch tree drawing with six lights. :::

through the
black mists of
our feigned

::: light mounted in redwood box lined with copper strips and nails behind two smoked glass panes. :::

the embers
of hope
slain by
our enterprise
glow dimly
in the
choking night

::: coagulated axel grease mounted over a light in a six sided, smoked glass box on a mahogany pedestal. :::


::: burnt wood suspended in silicone and epoxy in a glass and maple veneer box with singed red cedar veneer on a maple pedestal. :::

through the days
of the golden
light we spoke
of salvations

::: brass nails in wood with xerox transfer, white paint, and butchers wax in a red cedar box with brass screws. :::

sturdy oaks
groan whispers
of hope

::: light mounted behind charcoal drawing with burnt oak sticks in a black waxed pine box. :::

those places of
your slumber
crackling with

::: manipulated photograph mounted in painted and singed cherry box with light. :::

when the
skies are
and oily,
and black
we shall
gather sunlight
the windows
of our dreams

::: photograph mounted behind cherry grid in a burnt wood with nails and drawing. :::

drowning in the rains
all the ghosts
achromatize into
the mountains
of my memory

::: drawing on wood filler and poplar mounted in oak box. :::

lumps in my throat
grow when the stars
revolve around my

::: drawing embedded in drilled and white filled epoxy in a felt lined hand stitched paper box. :::

the nightly pyre
all dressed up
in sweat melted fat

::: melted plastic box with cast polyurethane mounted in a burnt pine block in a mahogany box with brass nails. :::

::: thank you for looking more stuff is on the way. cheers!