SBC - 019 ::: the night of our sorrow has fallen, we remain without light in our eyes (cd)

::: SBC - 019 THE NIGHT OF OUR SORROW HAS FALLEN, WE REMAIN WITHOUT LIGHT IN OUR EYES is a 3 track ep. limited to a handmade edition of 25. includes DEATH FOR AERONAUT which was played and recorded on a single track in one take as preparation for the first A DEATH CINEMATIC live performance. track 2, THE BLACK CLOUD AND THE HERO'S HEART, is a remnant left over track from THE NEW WORLD/ YOUR FATE TWISTING... sessions and was meant as an impetus for the next full length release but was cut because it no longer fit thematically, so it found its home here. track 3, the title track, is a preview and a featured track that will be included on the next full length album coming soon from SIMPLE BOX CONSTRUCTION. the ep originated as a quick and a thank you for all those who ordered the THINE SAVING GRACE shirts but is quickly grew into something much bigger. the premium quality taiyo yuden cdr was printed in-house and features just forty minutes worth of music. preview the album in its entirety here. all sounds improvised from guitar, amp, and effects pedals.

::: each printed cd comes in a vellum, hand stamped and numbered envelope bound into a handmade booklet. the cover is hand printed chipboard hand bound with a white cloth spine. the inside front and back covers consist of two color photographs printed on acid free paper. the title and credit pages are also printed on acid free paper with a print of a crow drawing on the reverse sides. the center page is two original photographs laminated together. each copy of the ep comes with a unique piece of collage art bound into it. the artworks are made from vellum envelops, original 35mm negatives, graphite and shellac. it is best viewed with a strong light source behind it. all covers were cut and scored by hand and printed at the simple box construction studio. all art work, photos, design and layout by simple box construction/ a death cinematic. more detail images can be viewed in the simple box construction album for this release on facebook. since the edition for this release is limited to only 25 copies there were no promotional copies designated. get your copy from the simple box construction store.

this item is no longer available.


SBC - 018.1 ::: a death cinematic - thine saving grace (artist proof)

::: SBC - 018.1 not quite a simple box construction release, these four artist proofs that were screened before the THINE SAVING GRACE t shirt run was made, are available now for a very limited time. these are screened on heavy duty solid black core matte board and they measure 7" x 9 1/2". get them here.

this item is available only from simple box construction.

SBC - 018 ::: a death cinematic - thine saving grace (t shirt)

::: SBC - 018 is the second official A DEATH CINEMATIC t shirt, THINE SAVING GRACE is a screened, single color, single sided, white on black cotton t shirt. hand printed at the the simple box construction studio on the floor in true diy fashion. this design is taken from the scratch board drawing i did for the ekca liena/ a death cinematic PRETERNATURAL split that came out on small doses records back in 2011. (a few copies of the split are still available here.) this t shirt run was limited only to the numbered ordered. this t shirt design is now discontinued, forever?

this item is no longer available.