simple box construction ::: the big summer/ fall 2012 update

::: this has been a long time coming. as the weeks turned to months and now summer has surrendered to autumn, it is hard to believe that the last post on this site was way back in april and now we are at the middle of november. it is time for a simple box construction update and it is a big one. even though not much has been happening here, on this site, the summer has been busier than ever for a death cinematic and simple box. as much as has been done there are still plenty of things that haven't been touched yet since the last update. below, you will find a rundown of all the things i've been up to and will attempt to do and finish up before the year is out.

::: first thing is first, the new releases: a lot of the summer was spent recording, mixing, and mastering new material. a lot of new material and as some (many?) of you may know there is a couple of releases coming up real soon. maybe even before the year is out. one of them is a very small edition of a 7" on a great little label out of new zealand. i can't say much more about this (and i might have said too much already) but details will come soon enough.

::: the other release is going to be an inaugural a death cinematic cassette release on an awesome tape label, tyco magnetic anomalies. simple box construction has been granted the honor of designing and making the covers for this release which, now that the mock ups have been approved, are being fabricated as this is written. this tape clocks in at just about an hour and is the next a death cinematic full length. stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks. progress of the cover artwork and design may be viewed on the a death cinematic facebook page and release photo album.

::: and so with all the material that has been recorded and is now ready for the mix there will be another album coming right after these releases are buttoned up as well as some very exciting splits and collaborations. i will post more details about these in the very near future as deadlines and commitments are confirmed, this update is already large enough.

::: in addition to all the recording and mastering, simple box construction has been very busy building stock of its current releases and getting it out to interested distros. i have also started to revive some visual simple box editions that went on hold awhile back. there will be detailed updates on these projects as they get closer to completion. there are a few ideas that have been nagging and tugging at me so look for more photo and drawing books.

::: while working on all this i did manage to write some poetry too. so after a long hiatus from the poetry site i will be posting some new work there in the coming days.

::: speaking of photos and drawings. i have been taking an exorbitant amount of pictures. those connected with a death cinematic via facebook (personal page) can testify to that. organizing and editing images can be very time consuming. if you are on facebook you can check them out here (personal page). there is a tentative plan for starting just a photo and image simple box construction site.
examples of pictures

(all images are © of simple box construction/ a death cinematic. don't use them without permission. thanks.)

::: i have also been doing quite a bit of drawing, mostly of themes relating to the coming releases. some of these might be t shirt designs as i am trying to figure out a way to screen the t shirts on a budget in house. the idea would be to run a pre order campaign for the shirts so only enough t shirts are made for the people who want them. the point of this is to not tie up very limited resources in quantities of t shirts that would have to be printed elsewhere, instead print only what is needed and do it at simple box.

(all images are © of simple box construction/ a death cinematic. don't use them without permission. thanks.)

::: simple box construction is also very proud to have been asked to do a t shirt design for inherent records out of cleveland, tn. this is an offical simple box project SBC - 017. they will be available soon and you might be able to get a one from the simple box construction shops too.

::: as an effort to raise funds for the label and project i am still selling some intaglio prints and proofs. to all those who have taken the leap and got one, thank you.

::: a death cinematic and simple box construction have been able to catch some print. in addition to all the a death cinematic reviews and interviews i have been getting and doing for various outstanding webzines, a death cinematic got a couple of print reviews in the german metal hammer and a nice one page feature in the u.k. zero tolerance music magazine. check out issue #48.

::: also, simple box is still working on putting up a video page so all videos can be viewed at one destination. there is quite a number of them out there now. a huge thank you to all those who have taken the time and effort to make them.

::: and the final bit of news for this update, simple box construction has opened a store on storeenvy.com. hopefully this will make it easier for people to purchase directly from simple box construction. the little store on the right sidebar will remain open but it is small and inconspicuous which makes it very easy to overlook. at the new store you'll be able to purchase all simple box releases and projects (prints, photos, drawings, hand bound books, etc.) and a death cinematic releases from other labels.

::: thank you to all for the continued support and interest. these projects of mine have turned 5 years old back on september 10th and that is directly due to all the great fans and people whom made this possible. here is to another 5 years and more. i will try to make the updates on a more regular basis as things occur. trying to play catch up every six months or so with all that is going on is a daunting task and a lot of things slip through the cracks. see you all very soon with the next update.