simple box construction ::: midwinter update

::: just a quick word on recent developments about upcoming projects. first, it should be mentioned that there is no more copies left of the PRELUDE TO THE NEW WORLD full size book.

number 5 - SOLD

::: the studio is almost all set up and organized, only a few odds and ends left. there is a website that is being constructed for simple box construction and hopefully it will be live before the new album and ep are released. you can now find a death cinematic on soundcloud. here is a track from THE NEW WORLD that is only available for preview through soundcloud. (stop the player at the bottom of this page to listen to this track. thanks.)

sparrows circle the distance from the gallows to the sun by a death cinematic

:::all the discs are burned for both, the ep and the new album. cds and mini photo book pages are being printed. all the other visual projects are also underway. there is also a little poetry blogsite that got underway called SLUMBERING IN THE FIRES. some of it is new, some of it is really old and some of it might even be good. finally, there are still copies of A PARABLE ON THE APORIA OF VENGEANCE AND THE BEAUTY OF IMPENETRABLE SADNESS available for sale. thank you for reading take care and stay well.

::: artwork for the forthcoming ep. SBC - 015 :::