simple box construction ::: summer ending 2014 update

::: well it's the dog days of summer and about time to fill in on all the going ons here at simple box construction. and of course things here couldn't be more hectic so lets start with a bit of bad news. the FREAK festival in ohio that was supposed to have happened in mid august was cancelled! too bad since i was looking forward to getting out and playing live but i hope to get out and do some live shows locally before the summer is out and in early fall.

::: spring and so far this summer has been real busy and finding time to do all the things i had in mind is proving to be a real challenge. this includes the t shirt pre orders from early summer which have been delayed as i am working to finish up the DEADMEN books which are to ship with all the pre ordered the shirts. to all those waiting still, my sincerest apologies. (more on both items below.)

::: i have finished several new tracks while working on the new album, which is on going and with any luck will be released before the year is out. at the moment simple box construction/ a death cinematic is being interviewed for diy conspiracy, this should be posted sometime in the next few weeks or so. it's turning into a lengthy, and hopefully interesting, interview. in addition to this i've been finishing up older editions and slowly starting work on a few odd things that were put on the back burner for a long while now. these include non musical releases and editions from simple box construction and a death cinematic which include art card suites, collections of photos and hand bound books. if interested, you might find some info about these projects digging through the archive of posts on this site. it should also be mentioned that there is a new simple box construction you tube channel.

::: a death cinematic has completed 4 new tracks. two for the amongst epilogues compilation on AOsmosis records and two for a split with murmur ring due out later this year as a joint release with geweih ritual documents and simple box construction. the amongst epilogues tracks are titled HOMELAND! HOMELAND! and RESISTANCE IS YOUR SOUND! which are the last two lines from a poem write telepathically through dr. treznok by lasse-marc riek.

here is a short preview of RESISTANCE IS YOUR SOUND.


preview the last two minutes of each track.

::: as mentioned above, the third a death cinematic t shirt - BENEATH THAT GRAND USURPER is now available. huge thanks go out to sage from heathen harvest for helping me get this done and printed. the details and paypal button for the shirts will be added to the product pages on this site soon but in the meantime they can always be ordered from the simple box construction online store. a few people have taken advantage of the t shirt pre order and i want to give extra special thanks for the support and again, apologize for the delayed shipping. as the pre orders came in i wanted do something extra for those fans. i decided that as a thank you, each pre ordered shirt will ship with a free copy of the next a death cinematic release, DEADMEN. however, this good intention has somewhat backfired and delayed my shipping of all the pre orders. so, for those who cannot wait any longer or do not want the DEADMEN book, please contact me and i will ship out your shirt asap.

::: and so a few words on this DEADMEN release. it is a small hand printed art book of 28 original images and 2 poems by a death cinematic. each book in the limited edition of 24 has an inset dried plant in the body of the book. the fabrication of this little book has proven to be a lot more involved and time consuming than i originally thought. (this underestimation of time is turning into a bad habit.) each book takes well over 4 hours to complete from start to finish. finding that much time to work on this edition each day is not quite possible. but they are getting done and will ship out as soon as each one is completed. those who follow simple box on instagram and a death cinematic on facebook can see all the production progress photos so far. there is a small quantity of these books that will be left over and will be available for purchase. details on ordering and a full description with new images will be posted here on the product page and in the simple box online store very soon.

here is a little promo video i made for DEADMEN. it includes the opening several minutes of THE MORNINGS THAW THE EMPTY FIELDS, OUR BONES ABLAZE IN THE SUN.

::: that's it for now. as always, thank you for your support, interest, and reading. till soon.