simple box construction/ a death cinematic ::: recent activity

::: there is quite a few things going on. so here is the scoop on the recent activity at simple box construction and a death cinematic.

::: if you head over to hammer smashed sound blog you will have a chance to win a copy of the latest a death cinematic full length, A PARABLE ON THE APORIA OF VENGEANCE AND THE BEAUTY OF IMPENETRABLE SADNESS and the very last copy of the YOU HAVE BEEN MARKED FOR THE APOCALYPSE book of images by a death cinematic. more information on the cd here and the book here. i found the book and other past releases while cleaning and decided to offer it as a hsj contest. good luck.

::: the pocket change records sampler is no longer available from simple box construction. if you desire a copy i recommend going to pocket change records to see if they have any left.

::: in other sampler news. postrock community has put out a compilation which includes some of the finest underground post rock and drone music out there. it is an honor for a death cinematic to be included in such fine company. the a death cinematic track on the compilation is titled THE HEART RACES WITH BLACK WORMS AND MY HEART IS ON FIRE and it is from A PARABLE ON THE APORIA OF VENGEANCE AND THE BEAUTY OF IMPENETRABLE SADNESS. the compilation is available as a free download and as a very limited cd release. simple box construction will have a handful of the cds for sale in a few weeks. you can view all the images of the packaging and artwork here and read more info, including the track list on their blog and last fm.

::: SBC - 008 AND SBC - 009 are coming along nicely however they are delayed. they will be available as soon as possible. you can view some new images of the works in progress here and here.

::: the track for the hammer smashed sound compilation is about to be mastered. it is titled MY HEART IS A BURNING SILO and it is just under six minutes long. there is a short poem and an image that accompanies the track. in the near future the image will be printed as a t shirt.

::: also look for an a death cinematic interview with sonic frontiers coming soon. plus other artwork, compilations and more music.

::: thank you.