simple box construction ::: brief update - new release

::: like a sneak attack here comes an unplanned very limited edition new release from simple box construction by a death cinematic. it is a book, titled: HUMMING IN THE WARMTH OF THE TILT. (SBC - 023) of 16 original color photographs, a cd with brand new (yet to be recorded) exclusive music, hand stamped front and back covers, and a poem typed up on 20 year old handmade paper. the pages of the book are the actual photographs, as opposed to pages with photographs printed on them. this makes the books very nice looking but very expensive to produce and forced this edition to be a 'made to order' edition. this means that the edition number is determined by how many people place an order for the book.

::: this release is, also, only available for a limited time. because all copies are made to order this edition will not be available anywhere else or at any other time. to get a copy you must contact me via email, facebook, instagram, even a carrier pigeon (if you can get the fucker to fly over to the detroit area) where i would give the details on how to order. the deadline for this is 5.1.16. after tonight the edition goes into production and no extra copies are going to be made. at which time this edition will go private and all production updates and process photographs will be shared privately via email only with those who have ordered the book. the music for this release will not be made available in any other format or anywhere else, not even streaming on bandcamp. once everything is completed and shipped to their owners then this release will be archived on this site.

::: i can hear it now, "what about the new album or the split with murmur ring?" well, as those who follow these projects on instagram and facebook already know, they are being worked on, vigorously. all that information is coming up in the next update. which you might have to wait for until next week.

::: thank you for the support, interest, and as always, for reading.