SBC - 026 ::: a death cinematic [ ignis letum ] (t shirt)

::: SBC - 026 another official A DEATH CINEMATIC t shirt from simple box construction, [ IGNIS LETUM ]. design and artwork by simple box construction from an original photograph by a death cinematic.

::: this shirt is a limited run. it is professionally printed by sage from forest passage printing and heathen harvest. printed in two colors: white and grey on black gildan ultra cotton shirts. order from the simple box construction online store or from this site via paypal. thank you for your support. when ordering please select your size from the drop down menu. sizes available are S, M, L, and XL.

t shirt w/ shipping

available in limited quantities.


simple box construction ::: the 2016 mid summer update

::: hello all. this is the long over due update but it is finally ready and it coincides with the new simple box construction email campaign. you can sign up for it here. these email updates will be infrequent but (hopefully) informative. they are meant to supplement the updates that go up on the simple box construction site. with the ever narrowing exposure on facebook and the cluster fuck of twitter, the idea here is to get some information about forthcoming projects and releases to people who might be interested and are probably missing it. as i have often tried to make these updates more timely and regular i have been unable to do that. time sure does fly and when six months or more go by between postings it is easy to lose track. of course, if these projects no longer interest you, please feel free to unsubscribe. there will be no hard feeling. promise.

:::so what has been going on? as some of you have seen on the adeathcinematic instagram and facebook pages things at simple box construction have been real busy. there is now at least three current releases that have either just come out or are being worked on to come out very soon. below you'll find information about these and other things that are happening or are about to happen here at simple box construction and with a death cinematic.

::: SBC - 024 - murmur ring | a death cinematic split cassette. finally, after a long while the murmur ring/ a death cinematic split is finally out. this split cassette is jointly released with geweih ritual documents and simple box construction. it is a limited edition release of 150 copies in hand made packaging. you can read more about it and see other production pictures and videos here. you can stream the whole split and order a copy over at the geweih ritual bandcamp. you can also order a copy directly from simple box construction webstore or the a death cinematic bandcamp page. i am sure that copies will be available from murmur ring as well. i've included some other production/ progress shots of the packaging on here. there are more in the facebook album and on instagram. if you are interested, the sbc you tube channel has some time lapse production videos of some of the processes used in making the packaging for this release. all orders at simple box are now caught up and the remaining copies are ready to ship.

::: SBC - 023 - humming in the warmth of the tilt photo book and cd. simple box construction has also been working on a private and exclusive photo book and cd project. there is not much i can divulge about this project other than once it is done it will be archived on the simple box construction site. the music recorded for this will be limited only to this release and not available anywhere else. this book and cd was available to order for a short time at the beginning of may and is limited in number of copies to orders placed.

for those of you who have ordered a copy and are waiting, another update on this specific release is coming up shortly.

::: SBC - 020 - ....and the birds of death.... cd and book. the new full length album, ....AND THE BIRDS OF DEATH.... is also moving toward completion. this has become one of the most labor intensive projects that simple box construction has ever been involved with. again, there are lots of pictures on the adeathcinematic instagram and the facebook album for this release. this album, just like THE NEW WORLD (SBC - 011), will have a hand bound book of images that comes with it. the packaging is elaborate, hand made, and it includes oversized wooden trays bound with paper.

the music and sounds have been recorded and mastered, ready to go for some time but the design elements needed a lot of working out and reworking. some of the delays have been due to problems with materials and laborious processes for printing and binding. there are a few time lapse production videos on the simple box construction you tube channel.

once the aforementioned book is completed the main focus will be completing and releasing this album. there are still a lot of things to do so it is hard to come up with an official release date. seeing how this album has been in production for well over two years now, i hope to be releasing it sometime in 2016.

::: so aside from these three major projects there are also ideas and designs in the works for things to come after. including the possibility of more live shows, art installations, and a few other very limited releases as well as a split with twilight fauna. i am also doing designs and layouts for drawing and photography books, a couple of new t-shirt designs, and all new recordings and poems (which will be posted here). but more on these later, this email/ update is long enough already.

::: thank you for reading but more importantly thank you for your support and faith in this project. till next time, take care all and be well.

::: simple box construction/ a death cinematic [ ignis letum ]

::: items still in print and available:
a parable on the aporia of vengeance and the beauty of impenetrable sadness
the new world (cd) and prelude to the new world (book)
beneath that grand usurper t shirt


GRD 13.1 | SBC - 024 ::: murmur ring | a death cinematic split (cs)

::: geweih ritual documents and simple box construction present the murmur ring | a death cinematic split cassette. each artist clocks around twenty minutes of desolate, lonely, ambient guitar drone and noise per side in this, the first part of a series of splits to come out on geweih ritual documents. murmur ring with a 19+ minute track of bleak and beautiful guitar work called SKY CLAD, starts things off. a death cinematic contributes two post apocalyptic meditations, THE MORNINGS THAW THE EMPTY FIELDS, OUR BONES ABLAZE IN THE SUN and THEIR BROKEN JAWS SHIMMER, FANGS QUIVER IN BLOOD to finish things up. preview and stream the split here.

::: this release is limited to 150 numbered copies. housed in a custom 100 lb. black card stock sleeve. scored, cut, folded, and stamped completely by hand. the sleeve houses the cassette wrapped in two vellum prints, printed in house at the simple box construction studio. each cassette comes with a printed download card. all images, artwork, and cover design by simple box construction. manufactured by hand at the simple box construction studio outside detroit, michigan. for more detailed images go to the simple box construction album for this release.

::: simple box construction only has 50 or so copies for sale here. some progress shots and videos of the cover/ packaging build.

available in limited hand numbered quantities.


simple box construction ::: brief update - new release

::: like a sneak attack here comes an unplanned very limited edition new release from simple box construction by a death cinematic. it is a book, titled: HUMMING IN THE WARMTH OF THE TILT. (SBC - 023) of 16 original color photographs, a cd with brand new (yet to be recorded) exclusive music, hand stamped front and back covers, and a poem typed up on 20 year old handmade paper. the pages of the book are the actual photographs, as opposed to pages with photographs printed on them. this makes the books very nice looking but very expensive to produce and forced this edition to be a 'made to order' edition. this means that the edition number is determined by how many people place an order for the book.

::: this release is, also, only available for a limited time. because all copies are made to order this edition will not be available anywhere else or at any other time. to get a copy you must contact me via email, facebook, instagram, even a carrier pigeon (if you can get the fucker to fly over to the detroit area) where i would give the details on how to order. the deadline for this is 5.1.16. after tonight the edition goes into production and no extra copies are going to be made. at which time this edition will go private and all production updates and process photographs will be shared privately via email only with those who have ordered the book. the music for this release will not be made available in any other format or anywhere else, not even streaming on bandcamp. once everything is completed and shipped to their owners then this release will be archived on this site.

::: i can hear it now, "what about the new album or the split with murmur ring?" well, as those who follow these projects on instagram and facebook already know, they are being worked on, vigorously. all that information is coming up in the next update. which you might have to wait for until next week.

::: thank you for the support, interest, and as always, for reading.