GRD 13.1 | SBC - 024 ::: murmur ring | a death cinematic split (cs)

::: geweih ritual documents and simple box construction present the murmur ring | a death cinematic split cassette. each artist clocks around twenty minutes of desolate, lonely, ambient guitar drone and noise per side in this, the first part of a series of splits to come out on geweih ritual documents. murmur ring with a 19+ minute track of bleak and beautiful guitar work called SKY CLAD, starts things off. a death cinematic contributes two post apocalyptic meditations, THE MORNINGS THAW THE EMPTY FIELDS, OUR BONES ABLAZE IN THE SUN and THEIR BROKEN JAWS SHIMMER, FANGS QUIVER IN BLOOD to finish things up. preview and stream the split here.

::: this release is limited to 150 numbered copies. housed in a custom 100 lb. black card stock sleeve. scored, cut, folded, and stamped completely by hand. the sleeve houses the cassette wrapped in two vellum prints, printed in house at the simple box construction studio. each cassette comes with a printed download card. all images, artwork, and cover design by simple box construction. manufactured by hand at the simple box construction studio outside detroit, michigan. for more detailed images go to the simple box construction album for this release.

the cassette pictured here is a stand in. the actual cassette is pictures below.

::: simple box construction only has 50 or so copies for sale here. some progress shots and videos of the cover/ packaging build.

available in limited hand numbered quantities.


simple box construction ::: brief update - new release

::: like a sneak attack here comes an unplanned very limited edition new release from simple box construction by a death cinematic. it is a book, titled: HUMMING IN THE WARMTH OF THE TILT. (SBC - 023) of 16 original color photographs, a cd with brand new (yet to be recorded) exclusive music, hand stamped front and back covers, and a poem typed up on 20 year old handmade paper. the pages of the book are the actual photographs, as opposed to pages with photographs printed on them. this makes the books very nice looking but very expensive to produce and forced this edition to be a 'made to order' edition. this means that the edition number is determined by how many people place an order for the book.

::: this release is, also, only available for a limited time. because all copies are made to order this edition will not be available anywhere else or at any other time. to get a copy you must contact me via email, facebook, instagram, even a carrier pigeon (if you can get the fucker to fly over to the detroit area) where i would give the details on how to order. the deadline for this is 5.1.16. after tonight the edition goes into production and no extra copies are going to be made. at which time this edition will go private and all production updates and process photographs will be shared privately via email only with those who have ordered the book. the music for this release will not be made available in any other format or anywhere else, not even streaming on bandcamp. once everything is completed and shipped to their owners then this release will be archived on this site.

::: i can hear it now, "what about the new album or the split with murmur ring?" well, as those who follow these projects on instagram and facebook already know, they are being worked on, vigorously. all that information is coming up in the next update. which you might have to wait for until next week.

::: thank you for the support, interest, and as always, for reading.


simple box construction ::: the 2015 update

::: now it is the beginning of august and the year is 3/4 of the way through and this update has been delayed and put off and pushed aside and brought back and put away again for most of this year. with each new delay more and more items were added as a death cinematic and simple box construction were in fact productive and busy. so let us begin.

::: after what seemed like forever the DEADMEN - 2 POEMS BY: A DEATH CINEMATIC book was finally completed and shipped. there is a full description with more images and details here.

::: back in the middle of june a death cinematic played its third live show with none other than insect ark. it was amazing to share the stage with such talent. in addition to playing live with insect ark, simple box construction contributed some photography for their outstanding new album. design and layout was done by dana (of insect ark) and the egg diorama was made by nicole boitos. you can pick up a copy of the album here.

::: the four new tracks that were finished last year are still slated for release sometime soon. two for the amongst epilogues compilation on AOsmosis records and two for a split with murmur ring due out later this year as a joint release with geweih ritual documents and simple box construction. test tapes for the split have come in and the design and layout work is starting to take shape.

- the amongst epilogues tracks are titled HOMELAND! HOMELAND! and RESISTANCE IS YOUR SOUND! which are the last two lines from a poem writen telepathically through dr. treznok by lasse-marc riek.

here is a short preview of RESISTANCE IS YOUR SOUND.


preview the last two minutes of each track.

::: since we are talking of new tracks, a death cinematic has contributed two exclusive tracks for two different compilations. the first track is titled: NO LONGER DO I IMPEDE THIS DARKNESS. recorded exclusively for the we are invisible now - volume 1 compilation which was released back in march of this year. a two hour collection of ambient, minimal electronic, experimental and drone music. this is available as a free download and features tracks by sleep orchestra, colony, and i am esper amongst others. totally worth your while.

- the second exclusive track was recorded for a compilation to benefit keith utech, founder of utech records, and his family in their very difficult time. the track is titled FOR THIS TOO... SHALL PASS. the compilation, and suddenly everything, absolutely everything, was there, features 41 exclusive and live tracks by some of the best artists working in experimental and drone music, including; locrian, insect ark, nadja, thisquietarmy, and many many more. running time for this colossus is 4 1/2 hours. all proceeds, after bandcamp and paypal fees, go to the utech family fund.

::: in april of this year simple box construction started and then ended a hand written poem/ post card project. the initial idea was to select an original image and write a poem and some thoughts on the back and send them out to people who have subscribed. at the end of the year i would have made a custom folio for all the subscribers to hold the 52 post cards and poems. unfortunately this project only saw five images and poems due to time restraints. you can see the 5 images and read the poems on the slumbering in the fires site.

::: i've been doing some drawing, design work, and some other non musical projects that i have started some years ago. some of the drawings and designs ended up on the fourth and (hopefully) final custom pedal board and amp. the pedal boards are hand built with dove tail joinery and hand printed.

- some images of the new pedal board and amp.

::: but wait! what about the new album?! isn't there a whole new a death cinematic album on the way?!? indeed, there is and some other splits. but the new a death cinematic album is in the works again after it has stalled out due to a lot of personal stuff. it is going to be a long album, probably close to 80 minutes in length. i am mixing and mastering the tracks now. the packaging is going through some redesigning and altering as some of the material is not behaving as it should. the front cover drawing for the album has been done for a while now but with the new design i started a whole new drawing for the back cover. there will be updates on the a death cinematic/ simple box construction instagram and facebook pages as things progress. track previews are coming soon too. one of the tracks, THE NIGHT OF OUR SORROW HAS FALLEN, WE REMAIN WITHOUT LIGHT IN OUR EYES, from the album was put out on an ep sometime back. the track is going to be reworked a little in the mastering phase to fit with the rest of the album.

::: finally, here are some photos i've been taking and some videos of some practice sketches. the pictures here are a very small representation of the images i have amassed as i shoot pictures everyday and now have thousands.

::: thank you for the support, interest, and as always, for reading.


SBC - 022 ::: deadmen - 2 poems by: a death cinematic (book)

::: SBC - 022 DEADMEN - 2 POEMS BY: A DEATH CINEMATIC. after many delays and very long production time this book is finally officially released. it was originally available with the BENEATH THAT GRAND USURPER t shirt preorder. this is a limited edition of 24 handmade books with 28 original images and 2 poems by A DEATH CINEMATIC. what was a simple idea soon became a monumental labor of love. each image and word is hand printed in the front half of a modified moleskine 3"x5" notebook. the pages of the second half are laminated together and inset with a dried flower on powdered graphite. more detail and production images can be viewed in the simple box construction album for this release on facebook.

::: to make a single copy of this book each cover and page was cut by hand with a die cutter. each cover and title page was hand stamped. the title of the book was die stamped one letter at a time on the cover and title page. the back cover was hand stamped. each word and image was registered and hand printed on every page. to do all this with some consistency several jigs had to be created and tested for these processes. to make the back of the book all the pages had to be aligned and laminated together also by hand. the square opening was then masked off and filled with powdered graphite and polyurethane and then more graphite and more polyurethane. finally a dried flower was selected and carefully inset into the graphite. then each book was inspected sanded and cleaned. all art work, photos, design and layout by simple box construction/ a death cinematic.

this item is no longer available.

::: and this is the old promo video i made for the book :::