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::: simple box construction now has two copies of the der wanderer ├╝ber dem nebelmeer compilation available for sale. the copies available here will only be shipped to the u.s. and canada. rest of the world orders should contact pest productions. the compilation is a 2 CD set with a beautiful full-color booklet featuring a statement from every artist regarding their respective song. curated and conceptualized by niels, the man behind n./ depraved designs and sequences, this compilation features 25 artists and 25 exclusive tracks from each artist including the a death cinematic track: IN THE TUMBLING DAWN LIGHT, THEIR EYES FALL FROZEN THROUGH THE MIST AND RAIN. "the objective of the compilation is to pay tribute to the painting and the painter, and also to honor the wandering, pantheistic spirit within each of us. - to the feeling of being one with nature and returning to those wild, untamed places that lie within each of us." - n. this is not a simple box construction release. go here for other info.

::: many thanks to niels for including a death cinematic amongst such venerated company. it has been an honor.

lights blaze on distant horizons in failed halos
circling like vultures
in the tumbling dawn light,
their eyes fall frozen through the mist and rain
i await the obscurities rising out of the fog
a man at the gallows
a man at the gates of the abyss

no longer available from simple box construction.

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