simple box construction ::: end of summer update

::: originally this update was going to start with the announcement of a new a death cinematic and matt finney project called APORIA. there was even going to be a track or two up today but that is not how the universe will have it. i regret to have to say that APORIA is on hold, at least for now. there are personal issues that have to be worked out before we can move forward with this project. we hope to be able to get this going real soon. our apologies to all the people who showed us early support we will try to make it up to you all.

::: in other news. the split with ekca liena, PRETERNATURAL should be released next week on small doses records. simple box construction will only have a handfull of copies here for sale. european fans should try to contact ekca liena for some copies but my understanding is that most of them, if not all, are already spoken for. of course you will also be able to get a copy from small doses records. there will be a full write up and images of the packaging as well as streaming information here once the split becomes available. you can read the first review of this split here.

::: the pre orders for THE NEW WORLD will be up in the next couple of weeks. the cover fabrication has proved to be more involved then originally planned but it is all coming together. this album features matt's writing and reading on the title track which will be a fitting preview for what might come from APORIA. as work is being finished on THE NEW WORLD simple box construction would like to announce the next a death cinematic full length album called ....THE BIRDS OF DEATH.... this album is being mixed now and hopefully will be out by years end.

::: finally, a couple of other things, the split with great falls is almost done. more information on it will be available soon. the long delayed visual projects and books will also be available soon. please check out the compilations page here at simple box construction. most of the compilations are available as free downloads but all of then are full of great music.

thank you for reading.

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