dead accents ::: a death cinematic/ great falls split (cdr)

::: DA - 007 dead accents presents the a death cinematic/ great falls split. this split has been a long time in the making. ever since great falls was called hemingway in fact but this excellent 3 song epic release is finally seeing the light of day. two tracks from the elusive a death cinematic made up of beautiful guitar drones and improvisations. these tracks conjure a sprawling soundscape that is unique and focused. the great falls track is all destruction. guitar, bass and drums plow through while ajax storm wood, of ardent vein, adds a cacophony of vocal and noise obliteration. edition of 127. printed digi packs. preview the a death cinematic portion here.

::: the cover consists of a professionally color printed digi pack. layout, design and illustrations by demian johnston. photography by simple box construction/ a death cinematic. for reviews of this release please go here. my sincerest thanks to demian and dead accent records for working with me on this album.

::: simple box construction only has fifty copies available for sale. it is also available from dead accents big cartel shop.

available in limited quantities from dead accents records.

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