simple box construction ::: a death cinematic live ::: summer update

::: that is right. in a week, august 2nd, A DEATH CINEMATIC will be playing the very first live show at FOUND SOUND RECORDS in ferndale, michigan. i'll be opening for DAHER - MALIS DUO, AERONAUT, and UNHOLY WATER. show starts around 8 p.m.

::: in preparation for the first live show i have spent many hour practicing on woking out a 25 to 30 minute set. some of these practice session have been recorded. they are recorded live in one take on one track. no overdubbing or multi tracking and each session is different. this will be an improvised live set. in the meantime checkout below the first practice session that was recorded. it is an unmastered and unedited recording and it is titled DEATH FOR AERONAUT.

::: also in preparation for the live show simple box construction has started a new project which for the time being will be referred to as the mystery project. here are some preview photos and more can be seen on the A DEATH CINEMATIC facebook page here. once this project is completed i'll post pictures of the finished work.

::: the simple box construction drawing that was done for inherent records has now become the EARTH BUILDER t shirt. it is available from inherent records and a very, very limited number of each size will be available here from simple box construction shortly. you can message me to reserve one in your size. the mediums might be all gone though.

::: since the topic is t shirts. the second official A DEATH CINEMATIC t shirt, THINE SAVING GRACE (SBC - 018) is now up for pre order. this design is taken from the scratch board drawing i did for the ekca liena/ a death cinematic PRETERNATURAL split that came out on small doses records back in 2011. (a few copies of the split are still available here.) this t shirt will be limited to the number of pre ordered shirts only. the pre order ends in the third week of august. it will be silk screened by simple box construction and production will begin in the fourth week of august with the shirts being ready to ship at the beginning of september. so if you want one you'll have to act quickly. when ordering the shirt please specify in customer notes the size you need. these will be made custom to each order.

::: A DEATH CINEMATIC has the honor of being included once again on a DRONING EARTH compilation, this time it is VOLUME 61. it is available for free download and it has a lot of great artists on it. A DEATH CINEMATIC is no stranger to the droning earth compilations you can check them out on the simple box compilation page. there are also other comps in the works that will feature A DEATH CINEMATIC tracks coming soon.

::: alright time to wind this down. the rest of the summer and fall will be spent working on the next A DEATH CINEMATIC release on simple box construction, exclusive tracks and artwork for a few zines (more details on this soon. it will be pretty awesome), split releases, more recording, photography, putting out limited hand bound books and photo packs of photographs and poetry (some will be available real soon message me for details if you cannot wait. PICTURED IS A AN EXCLUSIVE PHOTO PACK FOR JOHN FROM ZEITGEIST ZINE), making art/ getting ready for an exhibition in april, maybe more live shows, and finishing up all the old projects and older editions. as always thank you for taking the time to read and the undying support. it is much appreciated.

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  1. Hey, Long time no chat! Great to see you've been busy as ever.

    So yeah, the first live ADC show is exciting news! I really wish I could be there. It's great that you've been able to push your sonic expressions and bring it into a live setting. I'm sure your musical interpretations will take on a life of their own in this foray. Best of luck. Hopefully you'll try and record the show if you can.

    And, if you have any more of the medium Earth Builder T-shirts left, please put aside one for me...if you can. The artwork looks awesome. Let me know.