simple box construction ::: update fall 2013

::: well, well, well. it is about time to bring forth some news. let's begin with the 7" from cooper cult records. it is out and has been available for a week or so from the label. the rumor is that it is going real fast. simple box construction is expecting very few number of copies, most of which, if not all, are spoken for already. act fast if you want one. look here to order directly from cooper cult. all artwork and layout for this release is being done by russian artist, anya kuts and you can check out her work here. listen to an excerpt from this very limited 7" below.

::: next up is the exclusive track for the samhainwork II compilation from heathen harvest. this compilation features exclusive tracks from many outstanding artists and it is an honor to stand among them. the compilation will be available as a free download from heathen harvest on october 25th 2013. check out a preview for the album here. the A DEATH CINEMATIC track for this compilation is entitled, THE ORANGE GLOW OF THE CITIES BENEATH THE BILLOWING SKIES. you can check out the full song title / poem at slumbering in the fires.

::: next up: the delayed t shirts. the THINE SAVING GRACE (SBC - 018) t shirts are done and ready to ship but it wasn't enough to just get them done and shipped. there was the great idea of making a limited ep and shipping it for free with every t shirt order. so now the t shirts are delayed so i can finish and ship the ep. (more on the ep below.) as it stands simple box construction has two extra medium size t shirts and they are first come first serve. so get in touch if you want one of them. if there are no takers then they will be posted in the simple box construction shop.

::: the surprise ep that is to be shipped with the t shirts is called: THE NIGHT OF OUR SORROW HAS FALLEN, WE REMAIN WITHOUT LIGHT IN OUR EYES (SBC - 019). it is titled after one of the tracks from the forthcoming A DEATH CINEMATIC full length album (more below). other tracks on the ep are: DEATH FOR AERONAUT, the 24 minute single take/ single track recorded practice session for the first A DEATH CINEMATIC live show. And an older unreleased track, THE BLACK CLOUD AND THE HERO'S HEART, which was originally going to be on the next album but was cut because it no longer fit thematically. this ep is strictly limited to an edition of 25 copies with more than half going to t shirt orders, the rest will be available from the simple box construction shop once all orders have shipped. THE NIGHT OF OUR SORROW... ep will be housed in a hand bound sleeve featuring photography, artwork, and typed chipboard cover. more info and preview images to come. facebook followers can preview production photos here. take a listen to DEATH FOR AERONAUT here.

::: and now a few words about the next A DEATH CINEMATIC full length album titled ...AND THE BIRDS OF DEATH... (SBC - 020). production has begun on the packaging and tracks for this album. this will be the most ambitious simple box construction release for A DEATH CINEMATIC thus far. without giving too much away just yet but the album will be housed in custom hand made wooden trays. more information and production preview photos can be viewed on the A DEATH CINEMATIC facebook page.

::: in addition to all this simple box construction is finishing up the A PARABLE... (SBC - 007) edition and THE NEW WORLD (SBC - 011) and PRELUDE TO THE NEW WORLD (SBC - 012) editions. other editions and projects that were on hold will be revived and look for some exclusive track and artwork contributions to zines and other publications. as well as some split and collaborative projects. thank you for reading and until next time, diy or die.