simple box construction ::: small winter update

::: a small winter update for simple box construction. the last of the DEADMEN books are getting finished up and will be available shortly in the simple box web store. only a handful of copies will be available.

::: a ton of new stuff is coming up, promise.

::: i made the following video for a sketch i recorded live into an iPhone. it is a single track/ single take recording and it is based on the live show i did in november. this will be a very limited release and i'll be posting more details as it gets closer to completion. until next time, enjoy and thank you all for the support.

the title of the track is:

and all this,
i did
while you slept

i sheared the mountains
i ignited the oceans

i filled your soul
with sorrow

i did this
i did this all
i am

the broken
arrow shaft,
poisoned tipped,

in your heart

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