a death cinematic on upcoming compilations

::: a death cinematic has been very busy recording a lot of new noises, drones, and melodies. some of which will be included on some new compilations:

::: postrock community is coming out with a compilation which will be available for sale here shortly. only a few copies will be available from simple box construction store. it includes an older a death cinematic track from the A PARABLE.... full length. you can view the cover here and you can check out postrock community on myspace.

::: der wanderer ├╝ber dem nebelmeer (v.a. compilation) a great line up here. includes an exclusive track from a death cinematic. should be available in october on cd. purchasing info coming soon.

::: hammer smashed sound another great line up. also includes an exclusive track from a death cinematic. not sure when this will be out but it will be on several cds with a printed and bound book. check the link for details. purchasing info coming soon.

::: doom metal union is getting ready to put out several volumes of compilations as free downloads. a death cinematic will have a track from A PARABLE... on one of them. download info and links coming soon on a death cinematic's myspace site.

::: there are several other compilations that will include some new a death cinematic tracks but they are a little ways away still.

::: in addition there are some new images up on the myspace albums of production progress and other artwork.

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