SBC - 011 and SBC - 012 ::: the new world (cd) and prelude to the new world (book)

::: SBC - 011 and SBC - 012 at long last simple box construction presents THE NEW WORLD full length cd and PRELUDE TO THE NEW WORLD hand-bound book of photos. in essence this is two releases in one that are meant to compliment each other. the premium quality taiyo yuden cdr was printed in-house and features just under an hour worth of music. the book was also entirely printed and stamped in house and features 22 photographs and stamped artwork. both are limited to an edition of hand numbered 150 copies and are entirely hand made. each copy includes both items with corresponding edition numbers. all art work, photos, design and layout by simple box construction/ a death cinematic. preview the album in its entirety here.

::: SBC - 011 THE NEW WORLD (cd) and packaging. this release was recorded between winter 2009 and fall 2010. all sounds improvised from guitar, amp, and effects pedals. the monologue was recorded by Matt Finney and arranged by a death cinematic. THE NEW WORLD text was written and read by Matt Finney. PRELUDE TO THE NEW WORLD text which makes up the track titles was written by a death cinematic. each printed cd comes in a brown, hand printed envelope. the cd and book come in a hand made balsa wood and western red cedar veneer box/ gatefold. the covers consists of heavy weight printing paper with hand printed text and images, housed in a hand made vellum slip sleeve. all covers and vellum sleeves were cut and scored by hand and printed at the simple box construction studio. more detail images can be viewed in the simple box construction album for this release. for reviews of this release please go here.

::: SBC - 012 (book). this is a small format hand made version of a previously released very limited larger book of the same title (SBC - 013). all the pages were scored, folded and cut by hand, printed on bright white paper and stitched together. the horse stamp was drawn and designed by simple box construction and is based on a drawing entitled THOU ART THE HOPES SLAIN BY THE HANDS OF OUR ENTERPRISE. each page in the book was hand stamped. the stamping process ultimately destroyed the stamp as with each page the stamp was altered and cut away. each book is hand-bound in acid free brown charcoal paper and black linen tape. all the covers were also hand cut and stamped. more detail images can be viewed in the simple box construction album for this release.

::: you can view a full length hd video for THE NEW WORLD track here. my sincerest thanks to matt finney for writing and reading. sorry it took so long. and many thanks frederick lloyd for making the outstanding video.

available in limited hand numbered quantities.

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