simple box construction ::: update for the new year, new video and release date

::: this is the new year. perhaps a year to end all years, if you subscribe to that sort of thing. regardless of what may come there is some very exciting things happening now.

::: there are several outstanding orders of older releases that will be shipping this week, my apologies for the delay. in the next week or so the pre orders and promos for THE NEW WORLD will begin to ship. the official release date for the album is january 31st, so there is still time to take advantage of the pre order. this release has also been subject to numerous delays and i'm sorry to have kept everyone waiting.

::: to make up for the delay here is the full video for the title track to THE NEW WORLD. this video was written directed and edited by U.K. musician and filmmaker, frederick lloyd. it is an honor to be a part of frederick's growing body of outstanding work. this track also features matt finney, of heinali and matt finney, reading one of his poems. the only way to hear this before the album comes out is to watch the video. enjoy. (for best viewing as full screen HD follow the link to the vimeo site and enlarge from there.)

The New World - A Death Cinematic Official Video from Ursine Vulpine//Frederick Lloyd on Vimeo.

::: one final note of worth, look for the interview with heathen harvest coming soon.


  1. Wow, phenomenal! Beautifully filmed. This stuff is like nourishment for my soul.