simple box construction ::: the first and very late update of 2013

::: i've done it again, many months have passed and very few words were posted. until now. simple box construction and a death cinematic have been extremely busy reading, writing, recording, cutting, printing, folding, glueing, assembling, drawing, thinking, making noise, corresponding with labels, planing the next few releases and shooting pictures. then there is the rest of the everyday life things that need taking care of. below you will find info and details on all the new things coming up and out.

::: first, simple box construction has alway set its prices with post paid except in the stores that require the setting of a postage fee i.e. the storeenvy and bandcamp shops. those prices were always adjusted so that the cost of the album plus the mandatory shipping charge equaled the original post paid price. the objective has always been to keep the costs as reasonable as possible no matter how labor intensive the physical releases are to make. it is with great pain that i had to raise the prices of my releases. the latest shipping hike from the u.s. postal services was just too much. for the past several years i have absorbed all the increases but now it is just impossible. international customers are the most effected i have tried to keep the increase to a minimum and in fact i have decided to absorb a portion of it. this has never been a profitable endeavor and all this means is that less money goes to making the physical copies of future releases and more to the mismanaged postal service. thank you for understanding and your continued support.

::: some news about the forthcoming 7" on cooper cult records. it is at the plant and should be ready in several weeks. those following on facebook got to see a preview of the artwork from the label. all artwork and layout for this release is being done by russian artist, anya kuts and you can check out her work here. listen to an excerpt from this very limited 7" below.
speaking of 7"s, there are plans for another one if not two more this year. details about those will be shared as things get finalized. all i can say is that one will be a split and released by simple box construction. keep tuning in.

::: recently i had the necessity and opportunity to reshoot almost all the simple box construction and a death cinematic releases. this includes all the in print and out of print stuff i did. the photos came out much better than expected so i decided to update all the shops and former posts with the new item images.

::: stream full album here :::

::: stream full album here :::

::: still doing a lot of pencil/ graphite drawings, one of which will be a t shirt for inherent records. it should be available shortly. the drawings are just another way to work out potential ideas and hone in some skill. they usually start off as scribbles and after a while forms, lights and shadows, and themes start to emerge and make something recognizable. that's when the rest of the image gets fleshed out. click to enlarge the examples below.

::: as we are talking about t shirts, soon simple box construction will be posting the details on how to order the SAVING GRACE t shirt. it is going to be a made to order t shirt run and it will be screened in house. the idea is to make only as many t shirts as are ordered. this way the t shirt is available but i am not tying up much needed resources in buying bulk runs and sitting on inventory. i also get to expand my screen printing experience. orders for the shirt will be taken for a limited time and once the ordering is closed simple box will run only the shirts that were ordered. there is no plans on running extra or reprinting at a later time. the design for this t shirt is from a scratch board drawing i did for the ekca liena split, PRETERNATURAL, that was out on small doses records. both parties have graciously agreed to allow simple box construction to use it as an a death cinematic t shirt.

::: another program that simple box construction is planing on unveiling after the new album comes out is a way for fans to purchase inexpensively small collections of original photographs. the images will be available singly and as mix and match custom printed photo packs of 5, 10, or 15 images. each set of images will come in a hand made and printed photo pack made to order with a poem written based on the selected images. more details will be coming in the next few weeks. in addition to this some older simple box projects that were put on hold will also be revived.

::: and finally... simple box construction has been working tirelessly on the packaging for the cassette full length due to be out on 3.15.13 through tyco magnetic anomalies. a death cinematic facebook followers have seen photos of the fabrication process and progress. there is no pre order for this release and simple box construction will only have 15 or so copies for sale. promotional copies taken from the limited edition of 60 will be mailed ASAP hopefully in time to get reviews before march 15th. details for ordering and availability, as well as a full description of the release, will be posted shortly. be on the lookout for track premiers on only the most reputable underground and diy sites. as this release is getting close to its release date, it should be mentioned that a death cinematic has recorded a ton of material for the next album and a series of forthcoming split releases. the design and layout for the next a death cinematic album to be released by simple box construction is already germinating and will go into full swing once the mastering is complete. so there is a lot to look forward to this coming year but first the CORROSIONS OF TRAVELED DAYDREAMS cassette full length.

as always thank you for reading and the continued support.

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