TMA - 012 ::: SBC - 016 corrosions of traveled daydreams (cs)

::: the latest simple box construction project, SBC - 016, is custom designed and handmade packaging for the latest a death cinematic full length cassette release on tyco magnetic anomalies, CORROSIONS OF TRAVELED DAYDREAMS, TMA - 012. this limited edition of 60 numbered copies is a first cassette release for a death cinematic and simple box. tycho magnetic anomalies has been gracious enough to allow simple box construction free and total reign in design and fabrication of the packaging for this edition. CORROSIONS sprawls over the 2 sides with 6 tracks and nearly an hour of sonic dissonance.

::: the hand stamped cassette comes housed in a custom made and hand assembled alder wood veneer box. all components for all boxes were hand cut and printed. the cassette floats on scorched veneer and wooden dowels. the lid is made form hand printed veneer and hand scored, folded, and cut american etching paper. each lid houses 5 original quality printed black and white glossy photographs and 5 vellum prints. each photo is hand stamped with the simple box logo on the back. the box and lid slip into a hand made and stamped american etching paper title sleeve. every copy of the cassette comes with 2 dead bird water slide decals. the decals are not stickers! to use please read the instructions on the back of the carrying sleeve. if the decal is applied to a mug or other dish-ware please be advised that it is not dishwasher safe. all artwork, photography, drawing, poem, design and layout work by simple box construction. all printing and hand assembly by simple box construction for tycho magnetic anomalies. more detail images can be viewed in the simple box construction album for this release. reviews of this release can be found here.

::: sincerest thanks are in order to bob of tycho magnetic anomalies for allowing me to take on this crazy endeavor and for supporting my obsessions. i am very much obliged.

From the tycho magnetic anomalies:
"There is a sense of wonder and despair to the post apocalyptic soundtrack that A Death Cinematic is slowly unleashing on the world, one release at a time, and Corrosions Of Traveled Daydreams just might be the most realized vehicle for that vision (and the album was quite literally born to be on tape). Even without lyrics, Corrosions Of Traveled Daydreams tells multiple stories of peoples and places and things that have left only their ruins behind them. The whole presentation of the album is a work of art that hearkens back to a recently bygone era bringing the tangible aspects of opening and exploring and listening to the record together again."

available in limited hand numbered quantities from tyco magnetic anomalies.

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