SBC - 007 ::: a parable on the aporia of vengeance and the beauty of impenetrable sadness (2 pro-cdr)

::: SBC - 007 after many delays and design adjustments the 2 disc a death cinematic full length titled A PARABLE ON THE APORIA OF VENGEANCE AND THE BEAUTY OF IMPENETRABLE SADNESS is finally available. the two cdrs are professionally duplicated, printed, and uv and water resistant coated. to date this is the most elaborate hand fabricated packaging and the largest edition that simple box construction has done. limited to an edition of 250 copies with 50 promotional copies. for reviews of this release please go here.

::: the cover consists of a chipboard "arigato" box that includes hand heat transfered images and a hand printed lino cut print. the inside and part of the outside text is hand printed xerox transfer with a small hand stamped "X". the outside of the box is sprayed with an acrylic coating. inside the cardboard box is a hand built gatefold made out of two envelopes and western red cedar veneer. the envelopes are hand stamped with song titles and the veneer is hand printed color xerox transfer. more detail images can be viewed in the simple box construction album for this release.

available in limited hand numbered quantities.

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