SBC - 001 ::: a death cinematic/ beyond the black ocean split (cdr)

::: simple box construction is proud to announce the very first official project SBC - 001. it is a great honor to kick off simple box construction with a project for witchhouse records. it is the cover for the a death cinematic/ beyond the black ocean split. simple box construction is responsible of all the design, layout, and manufacturing of this particular project. limited to an edition of 60 with 3 promotional copies. for reviews of this release please go here.

::: the cover is essentially a box hand made from veneer. each box is constructed from 4 sheets of japanese birch veneer. these are laminated by hand to each other over a laminated alder veneer frame. everything is cut to size by hand and all the images and text is then printed, also, by hand. for more detailed images go to the simple box construction album for this release.

::: sincerest thanks are in order to k.e. lunsford of witchhouse records and beyond the black ocean for allowing me to take on this crazy endeavor and for supporting my obsessions. i am very much obliged.

availability unkown.

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