SBC - 004 ::: veins like trenches... dug deepest with dried blood (dvdr)

::: SBC - 004 the fourth project for simple box construction is the cover and packaging for the dvdr single VEINS LIKE TRENCHES... DUG DEEPEST WITH DRIED BLOOD. a collaboration between a death cinematic and obscuritan design. presented by winepress records and simple box construction. it features music by a death cinematic and animation by obscuritan design. limited to only 20 with 4 promotional copies. for reviews of this release please go here.

::: the cover is constructed from german etching paper, cherry veneer and vellum. it is hand cut, folded and hand printed. all cover images are stills from the film and were provided by obscuritan design. more detail images can be viewed in the simple box construction album for this release.

::: sincerest thanks to nate and becca for their support and willingness to do this project with me.

this item is no longer available.

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